• Information of oil and gas wells, tanks, pipelines and measurement points
  • Information of volume, temperature, pressure, humidity, water, and quality by hydrocarbon type

  • Log files of meter configuration, parameters and
    performance statistics

  • End to end solution for data management, storage, and reporting of information
  • Storage and safekeeping of digital information

  • Periodic production reports
  • O&G production balances
  • Compliant with regulator’s guidelines
  • Support during audit and control processes

Why use metricaas?

… The Upstream industry loses US$8 billion a year in non-productive time (NPT). Engineers spend
up to 70% of their time searching and manipulating production data.

A typical E&P company allocates up to 49% of its annual IT spending in exploration processes, 23%
in production and 28% in administrative activities..
With better visibility and management capabilities, operators can increase production rates
between 3% and 5%.
… With annual losses of approximately US$10 billion due to fuel leaks and theft in the United
States, companies are facing the need to improve the safety and reliability of pipelines …


Information of oil and gas wells, storage tanks, pipelines and measurement points of oil and gas

Inventory of meters and flow computers deployed in field

Storage of production parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Volume (oil and gas)
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Calorific power
  • API gravity

Secure access from anywhere

Historical configuration information and operating statistics

 Generation of periodic production reports

 Compliant with the regulator’s technical guidelines for generation of production balances:

  • Petroleum
  • Gas
  • LNG
  • NGL
  • Non-hydrocarbons

Electronic backup of operation information

 Support for audit and control processes


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